THE KNOWLES CORNER ATV TRAILS WILL BE OPEN BY JUNE 1, 2019  All trails in Northern Maine open up each spring as weather permits. At that time, please be on the lookout for washouts and fallen trees. Those that double as snowmobile trails close when winter grooming starts. Irving trails close on Oct. 31. The distance one is permitted to travel on a road to connect trails is 1,500 feet - the same as the distance to cross a bridge & also the same as for snowmobiles.  An accurate ATV trail map is available covering the area of eight local clubs. Cost is $5  - please contact the president Chuck Loucka at for more info.

Also check out these websites of these ATV clubs for maps of trails that connect into ours... (Island Falls, Maine) (Houlton, Maine)

If you are a club member doing trail work, be sure to print out the following form and submit it to the club:   Trail Worksheet.pdf . This form is used ONLY if you are using a chain saw, brush saw, ATV, truck, tractor, backhoe, excavator, grader or a bulldozer.

Trail Maps and Reports

PO Box 244
Oakfield, ME. USA  04763